Higher Education Partners

Direct, Digital and Social Enrolment Campaigns


 HEP UK works with leading universities to expand access to high quality, affordable degrees and shorter term learning programmes to students, by taking universities online and reducing the traditional barriers to studying.

 HEP helps to create the future today, by educating and upskilling students from all backgrounds and diversities, for the jobs of ‘tomorrow’.

 Feel Agency’s brief is to help HEP clients sustainably grow their online enrolment and revenue at scale, by effectively marketing their programmes – always keeping on-brand, on-proposition, creating motivational & benefit driven videos and messaging across all social & digital channels.



 Together with the HEP marketing team, Feel Agency creates and produces HEP’s UK direct digital and social enrolment campaigns, across a wide range of programmes. These target both UK and overseas students & post graduates to help improve their careers, their lives and in so doing, deliver a fairer more equitable society.



Significant improvements in cost per lead, cost per enrolment and overall marketing effectiveness and efficiency.