A. Vogel


A.Vogel has been making natural remedies for over 50 years. The brand was built in the independent health retail sector, but they then landed an all-important listing with Boots where the brand wasn’t well known. Also A.Vogel was positioned on shelf alongside Boots’ own-label dried herb variant – at under half the price of A.Vogel’s Echinacea.


Insight revealed the decisive buying trigger for Boots shoppers: A.Vogel’s fresh herbs had 3.5 times the level of active ingredients over dried herb versions – justifying the price premium. Not all Echinacea’s are the same!

Working carefully within MHRA guidelines, ‘A Fresh Story For Colds & Flu’ was designed to create positive pre-disposition prior to store visit, in order to generate trial.


Boots increased A.Vogel’s listing from 3 to 9 SKUs and from 300 to over 1000 stores nationwide, sales uplifted by 41% in the first 7 weeks of the campaign. Netdoctor reported the highest performing click through rate (CTR) of any advertiser to date.