White’s Oats


White’s has been pioneering and championing great tasting porridge and oat cereals since 1841.

White’s takes the time (growing, milling, crafting, farming & innovating) so retailers and their customers can trust they’re getting an even more healthy start every day through the natural, wholesome and tasty goodness of White’s Oats.

To support national listing gains in Waitrose for their jumbo organic oats, Feel was appointed to cut through the category sea of beige and bring out the unique taste and provenance of White’s Oats in a highly distinctive way.


We brought the White’s brand to life through our ‘taste the journey’ campaign that celebrates White’s journey, quality and ultimately their supremely creamy taste.

The campaign includes advertising, brand and recipe videos and PR,


The campaign was initially launched in Waitrose magazine along with a promotion that saw sales increase by 341% from the previous month.