Nelsons Baby

To make homeopathic remedies that really work is fantastic. To make them for babies is even better.


The Challenge

Nelsons is the UK’s largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products. Their Teetha brand is market leader with serious competition from the likes of Bonjela and Calpol. We also launched their Colica brand which tackles the distressing symptoms of Colic. Our job was to tell mothers about the power of Nelsons’ Teetha and Colica, positioning them as ‘the natural choice for mums’.


What We Did

We created two characters: The Apologetic Tooth and the Little Cloud of Colic. Through TV, press, POS and digital banners the loveable, animated characters communicated the problems – and Nelsons’ solutions – in the most approachable, sympathetic and memorable ways.


Colica’s launch resulted in over 2000 distribution points across supermarkets and UK pharmacies. Teetha is number 1 in UK Sales being the key brand driver of market growth within its category with retail value sales increasing +21% YOY.