“It makes the best toast ever”, setting you up for the day and welcoming you home again. Our challenge was to position Vogel’s as the tastiest toast in Britain and move Vogel’s up to the top shelf in the bread aisle.


We identified our bulls eye audience as being people with a healthy appetite for the outdoors. We then created the Keep Exploring campaign that invited these seeds and grains toast lovers to explore our range and discover Vogel’s in the aisle.

We partnered with Anorak, a brand that shares our love of the great outdoors, and invited their iconic woodland creatures to take over the Vogel’s packaging whilst being our prize partner for anyone who would find a Toast Ticket in their Vogel’s loaf.

We’ve created a fully integrated campaign including packaging, print, online, web, social media and promotion.


Sales increased YOY by 5.5 % in a declining bread market, Tesco’s sales increased by 45% and Waitrose by 11%. The stats speak for themselves!

We also organically built Vogel’s Twitter audience to more than 3,250 followers and kept engaged our 28.5k+ Facebook fans with our regular witty banter.